Saturday, August 25, 2012

New model! Hurray!!

I'm so happy to introduce our new model here at Beatniks Vintage! 

                                              Please say hi to Kati.

My goal at Beatniks has always been to use a real model instead of my mannequin (Or as my son calls her, Ashley). So I'm ecstatic to have met Kati. And did I mention she's an absolute sweetheart and she has a beautiful peacock feather tattoo on her right side. 

Next week will be a busy week at B.V. because I now have tons list in our store.

You also have to check out some of our recent pictures, the shadow from one of our trees was making a beautiful shadowy back drop for us.

This shadow isn't showing through the curtain, it's coming from the window across 
the room. I just love the effect...affect? (Hmmm, pick which ever one is correct)

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