Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm working on redecorating my daughters bedroom. We're living in a very small house right now. I'll just say, we're in between houses and this is a temporary pit stop. There's a lot I don't like about this house but renting again puts us in that dilemma of not wanting to dump a bunch of money into it. So I'm always looking for creative ways to make more space. I mean if people can live in a 250 sqft apartment in Manhattan and make them look awesome, I can surely do something with this place. One of the things I do like about this house is that is right down town and also close to a fantastic trail that my dog Lucy and I walk everyday.

Yesterdays hike, this was minutes before we got slammed by a thunder storm.

Back to bedrooms. Here are some great ideas I'll be trying out or maybe I'll just think of trying them out.

So I thought this was some amazing piece of mid-century furniture I had never seen before, then I realized duh duh duh that it's TWO TABLES put together! The cushion makes it look like one piece. I am freaking out over this idea. I am going to make this happen. And the drum side tables?! Oh my goodness, this room really does rock! Fantastic mix of retro funk, femininity, masculinity and rock n roll.

I really this idea. You can find free pallets anywhere and I like free. I have a few other ideas for pallets anyway, so I'm looking around to where I can find some in my area. I like that you can use the open space for magazines, books and maybe shoes. I also like this.

This is a wonderful room to go from tween to teen in (which is exactly where my daughter is right now, today being her 12th birthday.)
small space bedroom

And there are a lot of fun ideas here! I really like this separated space, it's like 3 rooms in 1!
small space bedroom - tumidei

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