Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To Reality

After a lovely 6 days in San Diego, we are back and ready to get down to business. We're busy here at Beatniks Vintage getting our new clothes all ready for listing and looking for a female model or two.

Spending so much time near the ocean was relaxing and so inspiring. The laid back beach life style is what I like to create in my own life here in Az. I don't like things to be too stuffy or complicated, I don't pack a lot of things into my family's days, I give room to hang out and enjoy each others company.  

Of course when you own your own business there is always a lot to do and everything falls on you to get it all done. So it's that much more important to find a balance between relaxing, having fun and getting working done.

I've come home from California with a renewed focus, and I'm excited to get busy again. When school is out, all I want to do is spend time with my daughter and play. 

Now that school is starting back up, I'll be working on my weekly schedule to get my work done during the week and have my weekends free to do nothing but have fun and have adventures. 

If you have any tips on balancing work and fun I would love to hear from you! And what you do with your down time?

Happy Tuesday!

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