Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Oh what a wonderful week for thrifting! I found so many goodies for my home and for my shop.

For some reason I've always had a hard time decorating my living rooms. My kitchen is easy. I'm so obsessed in Pyrex, Fire King and Bauer that it was easy to get the kitchen the way I want it. My living room and bedroom however has always stumped me. For one, I have a couch that I despise. I have 2 couches and a large over stuffed chair and a very small living room and even though one couch and our chair matches, our second couch is like some kind of Lazy Boy-ish recliner yuck fest.

Also, we have this weird wall that I think was put there in the 70's and not the cool 70's. This wall is scary and it's the 1st thing you see when you walk through our front door. So the year we've been living here I've tried to think of ways to cover or hide it or to devise a plan to just tear the whole thing down. I mean do we really need a wall between the living room and the bathroom? Ok I guess we do.

So I covered the ugly wall with my grandmothers ginormous velvet quilt. This thing is huge! It's even too big for a California king bed.

Right when I hung it, I thought it looked too hippie for me. But being Gemini, I have a lot of different tastes and styles, so it works for me right now. 

Well then I find this afghan, I am not and have never been a fan of the afghan but I love this one! The flowers are 3D-ish, they were crocheted like real flowers and all the colors are so fun! 

One fabric that I've been obsessed with for years is Barkcloth and yesterday while I was perusing my favorite thrift, I found this small comforter, way too small for any bed I have. I absolutely love the huge chartreuse Hawaiian flowers and it looks pretty good on my pink chair.

And on the shelf right above it was this.

I looooove embroidery and this sweet little pillow just made my day. I also collect little blue birds so this couldn't be more perfect.
I found these 3 sparrows a few years ago while thriting but I just painted them last week. 
This wonderful paint by numbers painting of a barn and silo, Monkey wood, 3 leaf tray and this Arizona tray. Plus all of the lovelies for my store. Oh happy happy thrifting!

Have a wonderful week!

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