Monday, June 18, 2012

Clan Tynker

Once a year Prescott is blessed with a very fun an unique festival, Tsunami on the square. We get talented artists and performers from all over the country and every year is always a little different and more exciting than the last. At Tsunami you'll be able to see belly dancing by Troupe Salamat, East Indian dancing, Apache Crown Dancers, Axe Capoeira a mixture of martial arts and Brazilian dance and much much more ending with a spectacular fire dancing show. We are also so delighted to be able to see Clan Tynker! My personal favorite.

This year I was ill and was unable to go to our downtown courthouse which is where Tsunami is held from 12:30pm to around 10pm. My daughter Riley (who has attended every Tsunami on the square since she was 10 months old, her father was directer for a couple of years and now he emcee's for the festival.) told me that Clan Tynker was performing at our library! I was so happy that I got another chance to see them again. This isn't the best quality video but it does give a sneak peak into Clan Tynker.

"CLAN TYNKER is a family of siblings who perform a wide variety of talents in a whimsical "Old World/ Vaudeville" style of entertainment. " 
-Excerpt from

Sorry for the low quality! I really need a new camera ;)
You can find many more (and higher quality) videos of Clan Tynker and Tsunami on the Square on You Tube.

Santiago and Serendipity


So if anyone is anywhere near Prescott Az on the 3rd Saturday of 2013 you can't miss this all day experience!!

Have a great week!

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