Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturdays Farmers Market

Oh how I love farmers markets! I lived in Santa Barbara for 4 months, 15 years ago and I've never forgotten it. It was a beautiful time in my life, I was in my early 20's and had never lived away from home before. There I was, in a new town, no car and I only knew one person. I quickly got a job at a beautiful natural food store that, if they would've paid me enough to live on, I would still be working for them today. I truly loved this store and I visit there every time I go back.

                                                   Bundles of Lavender

Every Saturday I would get on my bike and ride up to State St. where, for the day, they would block off traffic and set up the most beautiful farmers market I had ever seen. It was a dreamland for the senses. Bright, colorful produce like eggplant, figs, and peppers and the scents of rosemary, lavender and baked bread. I would ride home with my fresh loaf of sourdough bread, a huge bouquet of fresh flowers and usually zucchini, red and yellow peppers, onions and a new lotion or lip balm.   The whole experience was intoxicating for me. It was such a simple and beautiful time in my life. However, that time was very short lived. Santa Barbara is not a cheap place to live and I just couldn't support myself any longer. I came away with a new sense of self and a desire for a simple yet beautiful life.

                        Fresh Baked Bread

We have a very sweet farmers market in our town. Some how my life has gone by without me ever going to the farmers market here. Maybe I was stuck up and knew it wouldn't be as good and SB's. Who knows why I haven't gone but this last Saturday my friend and I walked there (yes, it's walking distance from my house) and I had a fabulous time. It brought back wonderful memories and I got to meet local farmers and bakers.


I so cherished my time walking around meeting new people, taking pictures of beautiful bounties and truly appreciating the sweetness of the small town I live in. After years of wanting to move from here, I'm seeing now that I live in a very special town with very little crime, a wonderful art scene, old time downtown centered around our courthouse complete with gazebo. I've even been lucky enough to have owned 2 businesses downtown, being a part of local business history. One day I want to go through the archives of downtown business owners and write a book on the ever changing storefronts of our town...yes...I'll do this in my spare time. 

Outfit of the day

I chose this simple yet fantastic dress because, with how hot it is here right now, this is all I want to live in.

Happy happy weekend!!

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