Sunday, March 18, 2012


Welcome to Beatniks Vintage! Vintage clothing and retro home decor has been my passion for most of my life. I owned an antique store and resale vintage clothing store in my wonderful hometown of Prescott Az. Now I'm able to sell my vintage finding on Etsy. Here's a link to my store:

I love rare and unique items from early 1900's to the eighties. Clothes, home decor, furniture and appliances were made to last! How frustrating is it to buy something new only to find a rip in the seam or  broken leg in something you just bought?! I love the quality and workmanship of things of the past! And that's how I started collecting and my collecting turned to selling. It's my passion, it has become my life.

Since every shopping experience is mystery of what I might find, you  never know what "new" things you'll find in our store.

I will also share things I collect for my own home and amazing things I find in other stores or on blogs. Please feel free to share with me the things you love to wear and collect! -Tonya

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